Features of Rentayoonit

Fully functional online rental solution that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Works With Your Device

Compatible with any website.
Offers customer contents insurance.
Captures online signatures.
Email notifications of rentals.

Works For You 24 Hours a Day

Displays available inventory.
Allows online purchasing of boxes and POS items.
Furnishes an access code, unit number, and itemized receipt.

Capture More Rentals

Reduces customer-touch.
Eco-friendly; reducing carbon footprint.
Allows customer to control the pace of their rental experience.

List of Available Units

See list of available units at your location. Renters/Customers can filter on a number of different options to help select the right size unit they are searching for.

Capture Customer Information

While attempting to enroll a new customer in your contents insurance program during the store-level rental process can sometimes prove unsuccessful, we make it easier by default to simply click and enroll.

Capture More Insurance

Insurance is one of those things in store customers often elect out of, but we make it easy to simply click and order which drives up the number of people wanting insurance.

Capture Required Signatures

Regardless of the device, customers can read the agreements and sign online.